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One according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary an expert is a “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience”. A hacker is more than an expert, he/she is a scientist who creates innovative solutions in the field of information technology.

When capacity, motivation and experience come together, excellence is achieved. And if we add curiosity, creativity and perseverance we have a hacker.

We are a team of hackers with a broad background in applied research in the field of high integrity systems, specially in the space sector. Backed on this experience, we have achieve important achievements in the area of cybersecurity: we have participated in conferences such as Black Hat or DeepSeec; have reported multiple vulnerabilities (CVEs) to projects such as the Linux kernel or GNU applications.


Most security solutions go through analyzing the specific attack to design particular mitigation measures and apply them in the form of security patches or new rules in the IDS, etc. This paradigm is efficient because the efforts are focused on the real threats that has been already occurred. But unfortunately, this strategy places the company one step behind the attackers: they hit first.

Our vision is to go ahead of the attackers, using strategies and methodologies similar to those used in the design of exploits. We conceive cybersecurity beyond the resolution of failures, designing novel defenses that allow us to stay ahead of attacks.


The skills of a professional are the sum of innate abilities and how they have been exercised throughout professional life. The team management is made up of engineers and doctors who felt the necessity to carry out research before starting university studies.

Before starting in cybersecurity, most of the team worked in the European space sector. Developing on board space craft software (hypervisor). Obviously, the space sector works with high integrity systems, with the highest levels of reliability and security, only comparable with the defense and nuclear sectors.

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