Cyber security professionals are increasingly in demand in all range of business. Unfortunately, the inertia of the classic educational structures greatly limits the possibilities to offer advanced education on cybersecurity topics. The solution adopted by many companies is to upgrade the skills of their professionals into their new cyber security role.

We have specific courses to develop those highly specific skills that are particular to security professionals. Those necessary skills are not limited to know the facts, techniques and methodologies, which are covered in the existing bibliography, but to develop the way of thinking applied by the attackers: imagination, stubbornness, lateral thinking, etc.

There is nothing more effective that learning from real examples. Your security professionals will be put in the attacker’s shoes.

Security analysis

Computer systems are one of the most challenging tasks done be humans due to the high level of abstraction and complexity. It is almost impossible to create a device or application free of errors. Software engineers tend to think that programming is so close to mathematics that it is possible to create perfect programs following the same rigorous methodologies that use mathematicians to create perfect formulas. Unfortunately, computer science is closer to engineering that to math.

Faults can be introduced at any time along the whole live cycle of the product. One of the most insidious faults are those causes by improper interaction between elements that are correct on their own. The final product may contain latent errors waiting to be discovered by someone with a holistic view of the problem.

Car makers know very well how to dealt with this problem: crash tests.

Do your company do the same ?
How much costs crash tests to the automotive industry ?
How many lives and money do they save ?

We are experts on finding vulnerabilities. We do not limit our efforts to test for already published and known vulnerabilities, but we can have documented experience in discovering new and specific security issues.

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